London based stills photographer, specialising in Film and TV, with
a wide experience of all types of location/studio shooting.
Contact: +44 (0)7973 431 741 / / Resume
Beowulf and Grendel

Tom SkerrittThora Birch in Dark Corners
Tom SkerrittGrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......Julian ClareyThora BirchPulling MovesJoe Bugner as "Palooka" in Baby Juice ExpressPulling MovesBikini ShowArchi Panjabi and Ahsen Bhati in Grease MonkeysJames MurryThe Bill - Live 2005Antonio FargasThe Rat Pack.....Vincent VentrescaGrease MonkeysPulling MovesJulia Davis in Nighty Night
John Malcovitch in Colour Me KubricThora Birch in Dark CornersJohn Malcovitch on the set of Colour me KubricMichelle PfeiferBaby Juice ExpressNick Moran Baby Juice ExpressProduction Accountant... really!MammothRay Gower directs Dark CornersStellan SkarsgårdThora Birch in Dark CornersToby StephensTony Curran in Beowulf and GrendelTom Skerritt and Summer GlauThora Birch
Kulvinder Ghir in My Life as a PopatSonny Gill in My Life as a PopatSonny Gill in My Life as a PopatAhsen Bhatti in Grease MonkeysArchie Panjabi in Grease MonkeysJake Wood in Grease MonkeysKarl Collins in Grease MonkeysIndira Joshi in Grease MonkeysAhsen Bhatti in Grease MonkeysAhsen Bhatti and Jake Wood in Grease MonkeysGrease MonkeysAngus Deaton in Nighty NightAngus Deaton in Nighty NightMy life as a PopatJulia Davis in Nighty NightKulvinder Ghir and Sonny Gill in My Life as a PopatMy Life as a Popat

OTHER WORK - I will be adding additional sections later in the summer. So, please check back... January 2006
India - Documentary / Factual - 4 months in India. Opens in a new window. Aprox. 1 Meg (Flash)

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